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We carry the complete line of Juniper Networks Products

extensive service and maintenance options available


NewAge Technology Solutions carries the full range of Juniper Networks products spanning the entire line of Juniper EX series J and MX series, as well as ACX,  BX, CTP, ISG, NSM, MX, QFX, SRX / IDP, SSG,  STRM, TCA, VXA, WLC, WX, WLM,  Infranet series, NetScreen and SecureAccess, as well as legacy Neoteris and Global Pro. Our real time inventory provides the highest level of product availability in the industry, often exceeding even that of the OEM. For those seeking discontinued product solutions no longer supported or offered by Juniper Networks, we offer a full complement of technical solutions, annual hardware support contracts and equipment, both new as well as the highest-quality, most rigorously tested used and refurbished.

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Our selection of end-of-life, end-of-sale, and hard-to-find EMC/CLARiiON Storage Solutions and parts complements our line of current generation Juniper Networks Products, always in stock.

EX Series Switches

Juniper Solutions that we presently stock include the EX series. The EX series is Juniper’s primary switching platform. With switches ranging from the 1U 24 port to the 16-slot chassis, there is a model for just about any use case. All of the fixed form factor non-PoE EX series have 8 ports of PoE, perfect for powering a couple wireless APs. All EX series are gigabit or better.

The 4200 and 4500 series switches can be stacked in a “virtual-chassis” configuration. Similar to other vendor’s stacking, except the EX can be stacked using either VC cables or fiber, allowing for a great deal of flexibility of deployment.

SRX & IDP Series

The SRX series is Juniper’s “all-in-one” device. It combines routing features with security features (taken from the SSG Netscreen line). It can also do things like IDP, Anitvirus, etc.

J Series

The J series is Juniper’s former “low-end” model, and one of the few lines in this blog post that actually has some EOL hardware (the old J2300s).

This line could handle various interface types – Ethernet, DS3, T1, etc. They are still often deployed, but with the release of security-based code (aka “flow-mode”), the J has largely been replaced by the SRX. Both the J Series and the SRX platforms can still be configured to run in “packet-mode” aka routing with no security.

M/T Series

The M/T series are Juniper’s flagship platform. They are big, beefy routers designed for large WAN and service provider deployments. They offer a huge range of interface types, and have redundant routing engines (REs).

MX Series

The MX series is Juniper’s ethernet platform. They are powerful routing and switching devices that are the preferred choice if the only media in use is Ethernet. They are best known for their 10GigE capacity. The larger MX series also have redundant REs.

SA Series

The SA series is Juniper’s SSL VPN appliance platform. These can be deployed using the Network Connect client, or clientless. The SA series also handles Secure Meeting, a “webex-like” collaboration software.

The SA is being replaced by the MAG series, which handle either SSL VPN or UAC (Juniper’s NAC appliance) functionality, or both, depending on the model.

Legacy Juniper

SSG Series Firewall & VPN Appliances

The Juniper NetScreen line of Enterprise Firewalls and VPN appliances include the NetScreen 5, NetScreen 25/50, NetScreen 200 series, NetScreen 500 series, NetScreen 500 series as well as the current SSG 5, SSG 20, SSG140 and SSG 520 and 550.

The Secure Access products offer industry-leading SSL VPN capabilities. Secure Access allows your users to securely connect to your network using their browser's SSL encryption. Secure Access is the only SSL VPN solution that offers Secure Meeting functionality. Some of our customers are buying these products just to get Secure Meeting, which is an option available on the Secure Access 2000 and higher.

NetScreen Series Firewall & VPN Appliances

NetScreen Performance Series and ISG Firewall & VPN Appliances

Juniper IDP Intrusion Detections and Prevention include the IDP 50/200/600/1100.

Juniper SSL and VPN Secure Access appliances include the Secure Access SA700 SA2000 SA4000 SA6000 SA2500 SA4500 and SA6500.

Juniper Unified Access control solutions include the IC 4000 and IC 6000.

Juniper J-series Routers, consisting of the J2300, J2320, J2350, J4350 and J6350, offer predictable high performance and a variety of flexible interfaces that deliver secure, reliable network connectivity to remote, branch and regional offices. The J2320, J2350, J4350 and J6350 are Avaya voice-ready and all models run modular JUNOS software, which offers many advanced services (MPLS, IPv6, QoS, multicast, etc) and security (stateful firewall and IPSec VPN), delivering high levels of security, uptime and performance at reduced operational costs.

The Juniper M7i and M10i platforms are ideal enterprise routing solutions for head offices, campuses and corporate backbones needing reliable, secure and high performance IP WAN connectivity, internet access and services. Unlike legacy routers which have monolithic architectures and aging operating systems, the M7i/M10i Multiservice routers boast a hardware based architecture and JUNOS, a modern object oriented operating system.

The M40e router provides a dense, highly redundant platform primarily targeted for dense dedicated access aggregation and provider edge services in medium and large POPs. This 40+ Gbps platform supports 32 ejector-enabled PICs via 8 FPCs and up to OC-48/STM-16 uplink speeds in a half-rack package.

The M40e offers common hardware redundancy including the switch fabrics, Routing Engines, fan trays, and power supplies. This platform supports M160 PICs and many PICs are forward-portable to the T-series routing platforms.

the M20 design delivers increased port density, performance of 20+ Gbps throughput, scalability, and reliability in a space-efficient package.

The Junper M120 Multiservice Edge Router is the newest addition to the industry-leading Juniper Networks M-series product family. The M120 delivers support for 128 GE subscriber ports, with 10 GB Ethernet or OC 192 uplink capability in an affordable, compact form factor. Ideal for supporting high-bandwidth converged edge routing applications, the M120 platform is designed to facilitate service aggregation for the multiplay needs of service providers and enterprise users.

The Juniper M320 is a high performance, 10Gbps-capable, distributed architecture edge router. It offers up to 16 OC-192c/STM-64 PICs per chassis (32 per rack) or up to 64 OC-48c/STM-16 ports per chassis (128 per rack) with up to 320 Gbps throughput.

The M320 platform is ideal for medium-sized backbone cores requiring predictable performance for feature-rich infrastructures and also supports provider edge services in 10-gigabit POPs with the ability to support up to 32 type 1 and type 2 PICs and up to 16 type 3 PICs for 10 Gbps uplinks



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