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We carry the complete line of Hitachi Storage Products

extensive service and maintenance options available

NewAge Technology Solutions carries the full range of Hitachi Storage System spanning the entire line of Hitachi Universal Platform V and VM, 2000 series and Modular series Storage. Our real time inventory provides the highest level of product availability in the industry, often exceeding even that of the OEM. For those seeking discontinued product solutions no longer supported or offered by Hitachi, we offer a full complement of technical solutions, annual hardware support contracts and equipment, both new as well as the highest-quality, most rigorously tested used and refurbished.

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Our selection of end-of-life, end-of-sale, and hard-to-find Hitachi Data Systems and parts complements our line of current generation Hitachi Products, always in stock. Hitachi Solutions that we presently stock include the WorkGroup Modular Storage 100.

As an entry point to our new midrange systems line, the serial ATA (SATA)-based Hitachi Workgroup Modular Storage model 100 (WMS100) offers high capacity, easy-to-install data storage ideal for small and medium businesses (SMBs). The WMS100 provides the foundation for Services Oriented Storage Solutions, matching requirements for the cost-effective scalability and performance in a small footprint while maintaining the reliability edge provided by renowned Hitachi engineering. Example: Businesses deploying their first storage area network (SAN) are able to move from inefficient and costly server-internal or server-attached storage to a centralized, easy-to-manage configuration. Or those with fast-growing Microsoft Exchange or database applications can quickly catch up and keep pace.

For larger companies, the WMS100 complements the Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage (AMS), Universal Storage Platform V (USP V), and Universal Storage Platform VM (USP VM) in tiered storage deployments that require common management tools, nearline backup and data movement for data lifecycle management (DLM) applications, and easily scales to 42TB SATA raw storage.


The Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage models 1000, 500, and 200 deliver the best price/performance, availability and best-in-class scalability in the modular storage market space! Leveraging many high-end features such as cache partitioning and RAID-6, the Adaptable Modular Storage systems are easily managed by Hitachi's Storage Navigator Modular software. These systems are ideal for any small, midsized or larger businesses that requiring high-availability and high-performance solutions.

Adaptable Modular Storage 1000:
With up to 450 disk drives and the ability to virtually connect to a maximum of 1,024 servers, this model delivers enterprise-class performance and capacity at a mid-range price. The 1000 is ideal for larger companies.

Adaptable Modular Storage 500: This model is the solution for mid-sized companies that need tiered storage in a single rack. Mix up to 225 fibre channel and SATA hard drives to store data for both high performance applications and near-line or back up applications, scales to to 67.5TB Fibre Channel; 88.5TB SATA Intermix

Adaptable Modular Storage 200: This entry level model is ideal for small business or branch offices. Configurations scale from 4 to 105 hard drives. The 200 is a great choice for companies or departments that are implementing their first storage area network (SAN).

The Hitachi High-performance NAS Platform, powered by BlueArc´┐Ż, is an advanced and
integrated network attached storage (NAS) solution that Hitachi Data Systems co-brands with BlueArc. It is a powerful tool for NAS or file server consolidation, data protection and general purpose NAS workload.

The Hitachi Simple Modular Storage 100, a simple and reliable solution for SMBs, offers enterprise-class storage features with complete data protection solutions. Simple Modular Storage 100 is ideal for businesses looking for storage systems that are easy to manage, easy to grow, and easy to integrate with applications such as Microsoft Windows and others common to the SMB marketplace

Hitachi TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform, with capabilities well beyond any other storage system establishes a new industry category. The Hitatchi TagmaStore USP reaches previously unattainable levels of consolidation and brings to reality the virtualisation of internal and external heterogeneous storage into one pool. Scaling to 32PB of total storage capacity including up to 332TB of internal storage with over 2 million I/Os per second, 81GB/sec aggregate internal bandwidth and up to up to 192 Fibre Channel, 64 ESCON, or 48 FICON ports of expandability, the Hitachi USP platform is unrivaled.



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